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Hummingbirds may be nesting in your backyard or you could have neighbors that have routine visits by these tiny birds. They are enjoyable to watch and to find out about.

Hummingbirds are birds which come from the family of Trochillidae. They are considered to be one of the smallest species of birds on earth. They flap their wings so fast you can barely tell they’re moving. A unique feature is their ability to fly backward, and apparently they are the only birds that can do so.

Hummingbirds are known as nectarivores which mean they feed on the sweet liquid, also known as nectar, from blossoms. Their similarity between bees is their ability to gauge the amount of sugar contained in the nectar which they feed upon. Flowers with sweeter nectar, or with higher sugar amount, are more preferable to these birds. But nectar cannot provide the proper amount of nutrients so hummingbirds also feed on spiders and insects to obtain protein and other vitamins and minerals.

The hummingbird has a direct, long bill that is essential for gathering food. However, for some species, they have fewer invoices for extracting nectar from flowers which have brief corollas while others have curved bills for feeding off curved corollas. Unlike most birds, they drink using their uneven and ridged tongues. Hummingbirds seldom eat huge meals at a time; they can live on a lot of small meals during the day. Concerning flying, they don’t do it very often as it consumes too much energy.

They spend the day perching and resting on trees to conserve their energy overnight.

Surprisingly, although they have a fast metabolism, hummingbirds have a relatively long life span. At the very delicate period of hatching and fledgling, many of these birds die and do not survive. But those who stay alive continue to exist for up to ten years or longer. The normal lifespan though is three to five years one of those in North America. The longest lifespan that was ever recorded was twelve years, which was acquired by a female broad-tailed hummingbird.

Most hummingbirds are known to be natives into the Americas. A majority of these birds are found in South and Central America where it’s known to have tropical weather, even though other species are able to breed in areas with a moderate climate.

A number of events have been prepared for the celebration of hummingbirds. These include the Hummingbird Festival and the Hummingbird Migration Celebration. The festival itself includes a car show, rides for kids, food vendors, vendors of arts and crafts, live music and many more fun activities. The other events are comprised of field trips, hummingbird seminars, garden tours, lectures and other demonstrations that will most definitely capture the attention of bird lovers and non-enthusiasts as well.

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