The Phoenix

Phoenix, Bird, Fire, Sun, Bright Red

The Phoenix is a mythical bird dating back to ancient civilizations and is a part of legends and lore. According to mythology it’s a mystical creature that has an astoundingly long life span ranging to around a thousand years. It’s thought to be a bird with colourful feathers and tail in gold and scarlet. It doesn’t get sick or afflicted by disease at any given time during its life span. At the end of the life span it’s believed to make a pyre of twigs and ignites itself.

The word”rising like a Phoenix from the Ashes” is frequently used in sports when a group or an individual on the brink of losing a game or match almost comes back from the brink of certain defeat to win in the end. This victory against all odds has caused the Phoenix bird to be made the mascot or logo of many organizations and there are even several firms named after it.

Another account of phoenix story states that until the bird is swallowed by the flame it lays an egg from which hatches and a new phoenix which will live a million years and then the exact same procedure is repeated, thereby its lineage continues. Though there is not any method of ascertaining the fact of either version, both say the exact same theme, triumph over extreme adversity.

The Phoenix bird is a central figure in ancient Lebanese culture as the Lebanese are the descendants of Phoenicians and claim themselves to be the sons of Phoenix. The country is also having a historic resemblance to the Phoenix, having been destroyed and mended seven times throughout its history.

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